Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's like a charley horse in my skull

Somebody smack me the next time I read comments posted on CNN. I did it today, and something inside me broke like Mickey Rooney in "Boys Town." 

Look, Wayne -- yes, I'm talking to you -- the fact that a scientific study indicates that people have a herd mentality even when the herd is dumb does not prove that evolution is wrong. I don't even know how you made that leap, but your shit's all retarded, so stop. 

Sure, there are gaps in our knowledge. There's an 18-year gap in the Bible between when Jesus' voice first cracked and when he kicked off his ministry, but no one is saying the Bible is crap because of it. The Bible is crap for other reasons, but not for that one. Spitting in the face of reason doesn't make you an "independent thinker" who forges his own path. It makes you a fundie nitwit. 

I can't find this article on CNN anymore, since CNN supports creationism and wants you to live in darkness. Take it up with them.  

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  1. why you waste time with CNN? MSNBC is the One True Cable Network. is all you need to know.