Thursday, September 10, 2009

1 Senate + 1 House of Representatives = Fun for the whole family

I had to watch the presidential address, because, as a liberal, feminist, socialist, communist, fascist, Nazi, politically confused elitist, when my Messiah speaks, I listen. Also, because if I didn't, my entire office would be talking about it today, and I would be outed as the clueless plebe who blew the night watching the "Cake Boss" marathon.

I was rewarded with Joe Wilson of South Carolina calling Barack Obama a liar from the safety of his padded seat. It's like he forgot for a moment that he wasn't on an episode of Dr. Phil. That happens to me sometimes.

Back in the day, Obama could have gone all Aaron Burr on his ass, or even Dick Cheney. That would have been sweet. But then we'd have all those people "thinking of the children" and everything, and we probably wouldn't even get to see it on TV. Americans are a bunch of weenies these days.

BTW: No one in my office even mentioned the speech. They were all probably watching the "Cake Boss" marathon.

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