Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gravity rules

You know what's sad? A little boy falling out of a helium balloon and going splat against the Colorado landscape. You know what's not sad? A helium balloon taking off by itself while a little boy hides in an attic.

Move along, people! There's nothing to see here!

I'm a cold-hearted bastard, though. When Devon told me there was a boy trapped in a balloon and they didn't know how to get him down, my response was, "Pop it."

I was sure I had a maternal instinct laying around here somewhere.


  1. Eh, when it's your own kid, then you'll worry. I don't have a giant helium balloon stashed in my backyard so I don't think this particular situation will ever be an issue for us.

  2. Simon + helium balloon = disaster.

  3. I think if you've got kids, HAVING a giant helium balloon stashed in the backyard that isn't under lock and key and giant vicious guard dog could be considered an attractive nuisance.

    I felt so bad for them when I had heard about it and then POW! It's all for a show? You fuckers! It was that fast of a switch. Now, CO is thinking about suing them. So much for the show.

  4. Few things make people angrier than realizing their compassion has been prompted by a hoax. Not the kid's fault, but his parents suck.