Monday, December 1, 2008

The TSA wants me to be a hairy Neanderthal

That's the only reason I can think of why they felt the need to confiscate my Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom moisturizer and shower gel. These pleasantly scented $8.50 threats to national security made it through LaGuardia, but the folks at Denver International Asshats are obviously on top of their game. Last time it was my lavender-scented shaving gel. Interestingly enough, Devon made it through with a 6-inch-long iron pipe in his backpack.

A fucking iron pipe.

Clearly, the threat of giving everyone a really good scrubdown is more serious than beating the crap out of passengers with a fucking iron pipe.

Did I mention it was made of iron? And that it was a pipe?

Now, before anyone gets all up in my grill about not reading the security regs the TSA so nicely changes every six hours or so, let me say that I don't question their right to take my shit. When I buy a ticket, I agree to all kinds of nonsense, like boarding the flight fully clothed and leaving my spear gun at home. I question their intelligence in deciding that my moisturizer and shower gel, which were about half empty and, volume-wise, would probably have fit in 3-ounce bottles if I'd had bottles to transfer them into, were a greater threat than a fucking iron pipe. If only I'd thought to bring caps, I could have poured the stuff into the pipe and saved myself about 20 bucks.

I also lost an earring. That's probably not the TSA's fault, even though I really, really want it to be.


  1. dude, i am in germany right now and just about peed my pants over this entry. fabulous it was brilliant. maybe i think so because we also just went through customs and so i know what you mean. ang however did not have a pipe... and may i ask what was the pipe for? val

  2. they totally want you to be a hairy neanderthal. a hairy neanderthal ground squirrel. kicking a pirate's ass.

    i think that makes you a hairy neanderthal ground squirrel ninja. remind me not to fuck with you.

  3. The pipe was a spare part of my dad's 60th birthday gift.

    A blog post explaining that is coming along later.

  4. His Dad's 60th birthday present was a pipe bomb.

    Just sayin'.


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