Thursday, February 19, 2009

I hope nobody's squeamish

I'm pleased to report that Fitz is still not dead.

After an hour of barking her tiny head off, she finally got to see the vet, who put her under, cleaned her gums and pulled four teeth. Despite what all the cool kids told her, eating cat shit is NOT good for oral hygiene. Just say no, Fitz.

She was barking so much that I had to take her outside. A large dog left a large-dog crap right in front of the door, and when the vet's assistant came out to clean it up, she looked at me and Fitz accusingly, and I was like, hell no. THAT shit did not come out of THIS dog.

THAT shit* --------------------------------------------------------------- THIS dog

It's gotta suck to be a vet's assistant sometimes.

Fitz spent the next few hours groggy, but she was back to normal in no time, and back to her favorite thing in the world -- fucking her small black blanket.

It's gotta suck to be a small black blanket sometimes.

*A reasonable representation of the shit in question.